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Bus and train, two exciting trips
Nowruz is one of the best days for the Iranians, this historic feast is in the depths and the lives of the Iranian people, and people are trying to do their ancestral customs these days, including visiting and following the lives of the elders and Around people.

Many Iranian families return to their cities during these days; train and bus travel are most welcome these days, making tickets more difficult than days and days of the year. The use of public transport of land transport is one of the most commonly used methods of travel in Iran and the world, most of which are train and buses. If you are traveling Nowruz 97 by train or bus? Which one do you like most?

The bus is a public intercity vehicle that has its own characteristics that anyone can attract. This vehicle, in terms of train, has some very important features that make it superior in terms of transportation.

The most important thing that can be troublesome when using a train for anyone is the great voice of this vehicle. In general, the bus has a much less noise than the train and the aircraft, which is the reason for many people to have a clear and sufficient reason to choose this device.

Another feature of interurban buses, bus availability and bus tickets. Today, you can book your bus ticket online through websites such as Master tickets in most days of the year (except Eid and more), which is more affordable than train tickets. Likewise, if you can not afford bus tickets, you can use your own on-the-road buses that have good empty space.

Today, there is also a VIP class bus ticket that eliminates many of the existing travel problems on older buses, with the best of seats, welfare services and more. Similarly, you can use these types of buses that do not have the same price difference as older buses.

The main disadvantages of this vehicle are such as the high impact of road traffic conditions and traffic on your journey, which may turn into a nightmare for anyone and make your journey into ugly hell! You need to wait until the bus stops in the right place to use amenities such as restaurant and hands-free, and this will cause problems for you in traffic.
Travel by train, convenient and attractive

The train is also another intercity vehicle, with some significant features as well. The first thing to do with traveling by train is the class rating of Iranian trains. You can use class 1, 2, and 3 trains for the cost you want and the distance from your destination, which will help you.

The best thing about using train tickets in comparison to bus tickets is the very good privacy of this device. If you need this, you can simply rent a coupe with your family and separate your family from other parts of the train. Another important thing that matters is the ability to use a canteen and a buffet, as well as a proper sanitation for families.

Train safety is among the highest in the rest of the world and has the lowest rates in traffic accidents and accidents. Due to its ruggedness, it does not affect the bad weather and will safely reach you. We recommend that if you consider Mashhad for your Nowruz 97 tour, think about making Tehran bus tickets as Mashhad has always been full of tourists because of its pilgrimage during the days of Nowruz.
Delhi train to Mashhad

Celebrate the New Year's Eve! Deluxe trains with great speed and unique features make it memorable moments in your mind. Luxury trains to Mashhad are equipped with 6-seater coupes with all facilities. Each train has a separate sanitary facility on each train.

In each coupe, the table and chair are fitted with a number of people so that the passengers can make excellent moments. This train has an online broadcast system and you can request your favorite movie. Serving at the moment luxury trains are excellent and acceptable. Luxury train tickets to Mashhad are available at several different prices and you can choose the right option according to your opinion.

As you have said, with the development of suitable platforms, you only need to devote your time to finding the most suitable space and places that you like and are compatible with your spirit. Search the web and easily. You can apply for a budget to purchase airline tickets or buy a bus ticket. Easy to plan your trip and enjoy being together with your family, it's time to change, and you have to avoid doing things that could waste your time.

تور نوروز 97
سفر نوروز 97 با قطار یا اتوبوس
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