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Nginxcp will work on cloudlinux server ?
Nginxcp will work on cloudlinux server ?
Officially the CloudLinux is not supported but Nginx Admin is working fine with CloudLinux. Lot of users are already using Nginx Admin with CloudLinux.
Nginx Admin Support
when it will start support officially ?
actually i also wana use it for my host .
Just to un-dig this post, does nginxcp work with cloudlinux when cagefs is enabled ?

Any issues or it work out of the box ?
CloudLinux isn't that different as CentOS or Red Hat. But CageFS might cause some trouble.

Nginx(cp) runs as nobody and first tries to read the static files (such as .jpg, .png, .exe) directly from the harddisk location in the users home directory. If that doesn't work (file doesn't exist or there is no read access) Nginx just connects with Apache and request the URI.

So you have to find out if files can be read from /home/user/public_html/ (don't know) with CageFS and if nobody (yes: ) has the right to read.
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