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Nginx Admin (Stable version) v2.6 released

Nginx Admin (Stable version) v2.6 released

Nginx Admin (Stable version) v2.6 I am pleased to announce the release of Nginx Admin (Stable Version) v2.6.


Below is a detailed list of all the changes in this release:

1- Feature: Based on nginx 1.0.4 Stable See this link for more details( http://nginx.org/en/CHANGES )

2- New script added /scripts/rebuildvhosts

3- Installer updated for cPanel 11.30

Install Instructions can be found at http://nginxcp.com/forums/Thread-nginx-admin-stable-version-v2-6-released


As Its a major release so if you have previously installed the any version of the nginx, please uninstall and then perform the installation.

Support: If you need and help, if you find any bug or want a new feature please post your issue in related forum.

Please donate us to continue development and stay alive this free project.

You can donate us via AlerPay, Moneybookers, and Bank Trasfer (USA only)

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