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Nginx Admin – Latest NginX Installer with whm Interface

CPanel hosting for the add nginx server software, so you can make nginx to run in front-end static files, and after installing nginx resource consumption much less than simply running apache. CPanel hack to find the information in time, just to see the official cPanel Forum a cow were written an installation script, thanks to re-read the code carefully, the decision on their own cPanel installed on the server. in the course of gradually discovered that can be optimized. can add features, mainly on the number of new nginx characteristics, membership by these characteristics, completed usually does not seem to complete the function, such as high concurrent machine to achieve server-side caching, and nginx as a front-end when using. htaccess for directory protection. These features have greatly facilitated our use.

This is the latest modified version of this NginX installer based on the original developer ‘blargman’ and other contributers like ‘icodex’

Change Log:
1- Whm interface ( Now you can restart, configure, etc within WHM without ssh)
2- Temporary solution of whm service status issue.
3- Resolved installer issue in cPanel 11.26

You must need to uninstall old version before install via this version.

Install instruction:
cd /usr/local/src
tar xf nginx1.10.tar
cd publicnginx
./nginxinstaller install

If you don’t want to uninstall old version and just want to install whm interface then run
Instead of ./nginxinstaller install

This is open sourced version, All developers are welcomed to modify/upgrade the whm interface.

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