Nginx admin v1.11 released

This is the latest modified version of this NginX installer based on the original developer ‘blargman’ and other contributers like ‘icodex’

Change Log:
1- Changed Plug-in Name to Nginx Admin
2- Icon updated
3- httpd detailed status added (incase of cPanel httpd status not work you can use here)
You must need to uninstall old version before install via this version.

Install instruction:
cd /usr/local/src
tar xf nginxadmin1.11-stable.tar
cd publicnginx
./nginxinstaller install


If you have installed v1.10 just run command below to upgrade,

cd /usr/local/src/publicnginx; rm -f cpwhm-install; wget; chmod +x cpwhm-install; ./cpwhm-install

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